Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ever since I became a Christian, I have been big on standing up for Christ. It would make me mad when people talked bad about God and degraded Him. I became furious with those people and wanted to hate them, I may have hated them actually. Over the years, well most recently I have learned to love my enemies and that it is okay if they do not believe what I do. It is okay to befriend those who hate God or want nothing to do with Him. While at work I was listening to Pandora and the song "Stand in the Rain" by Superchick came on. This song definitely caused me to realize something. I love being encouraged to stand for my faith. However, I always think of the extremely hard times with a lot of persecution. I never think of my daily routine and what I face every day. I don't think of the times when my friends are partaking in stuff that I shouldn't, those are the times that I should stand. I should stand for my faith in not only the big things but the small things too. The small things in my life will affect my stance when it comes time for the big things. This is why I love music. :)